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Knit-Out 2009

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On Valentine’s Day we headed out to the Mall of America to bring our oldest, Aidan, to Nickelodeon Universe as a reward for all the hard work he’s put into his schoolwork and therapy. Much to my surprise, we arrived to one of the largest crowds that I have ever seen at the Mall! We couldn’t figure out why it was so crowded until we got to the main rotunda and found this.

So while my husband and Aidan went on the rides, Jameson and I cruised the fiber booths and took lots of pictures.

The crowds were pretty thick all day, and they had some really cool giveaways such as a ginormous yarn bag from Lion Brand Yarn and a free 10th anniversary edition of Knit N’ Style magazine.

And all the major national yarn brands had booths showing their newest products. Red Heart was giving away some free patterns and kind of felt a little out of place. The displays and patterns felt very granny-esque in comparison to the rest of the show. Didn’t they get the memo that a younger crowd of whippersnappers are knitting these days? I mean really, mannequin heads with beanies? What’s next, a Barbie doll toilet paper cozy?

Red Heart Booth

The Lion Brand Yarn booth was more relevant to today’s knitter. I have a love/hate relationship with Lion Brand yarn. I think that much of their synthetic yarn is overpriced and of poor quality. And let’s face it, they’re probably the main enabler of novelty yarn knitting in the U.S. But on the other hand, they really seem to be branching out with new natural and luxury blends. I guess I don’t see a lot of incentive to buy it other than the fact that at least you can buy Lion Yarn at JoAnns with their discount coupons.

I have to admit that it was really cool to see the full spectrum of colors for the newer blends and luxury yarns. If it hadn’t been so crowded, I would have been brave enough to take closeup pictures. Maybe I’ll try out one of their new lines since they were giving out these.

The Caron booth had a contest  going on and free patterns. I really liked the feel of some of their new line of Eco-Yarns. All the brands had new eco-friendly yarns made from recycled material, but Caron’s felt the softest.

There were a lot of free workshops available at the two smaller rotundas in the mall, but I hadn’t brought any knitting with me.

And while there wasn’t any fiber for sale, a few of the local yarn stores had booths such as my favorite, The Yarnery.

And the Yarn Garage had some cool displays.

I keep meaning to check out the Yarn Garage, but its kind of a hike since its in Rosemount, a southern suburb of the Twin Cities. I’ll have to stop in before we move this summer.

All in all, it was a fun event to slowly wander around with Jameson in his stroller. I’ll have to make an effort to go to the next yarn expo in my area that actually sells fiber.


Written by Milwaukee Knit Chick

February 21, 2009 at 12:52 pm