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I am utterly disgusted with the project that I was working on for a friend’s twin girls that are due this Friday. I was going to make two pairs of the baby ballerina socks from Drops as seen below.


Who can resist such an adorable project, right? I actually knitted TWO of these in different yarns before I threw in the towel. This is the second attempt with some alterations to the pattern. Looks ok from the front, right?

The problem becomes more obvious from the side view.

It took a freaking long time to make them and I think they are really ugly and ill-fitting. I think that the way the sole is shaped is either off, or not translated correctly. If I had time and patience, I could probably work out the issue, but I hated the damn socks by the time I was done with the second one.

I’m going to toss them and make a couple of pumpkin hats for her girls to wear in the fall. She’ll probably appreciate a handknit more then anyways. Everyone always gives new parents a ton of baby clothes, and they always give them the small sizes. If your babies grow fast or are tall like mine, they end up wearing the clothes maybe once before they outgrow them. Seriously. My 7 month old is almost too tall for 12 month clothes already.

I’m starting the hats tonight since I was doing some essential knitting lately. I took the kids to the indoor playground today and a grand time was had by all.  Thank god for these little parks during the Minnesota winters.The place was packed to the rafters full with kids trying to burn off some steam of being stuck inside for so long.

I even got a little time to knit in between treks to the log tunnel and fishing pond. My oldest has lost at least 3 pairs of gloves already this year. I should have known better and just knitted him mittens in the fall. He still loves handknits, which is soooo heartwarming as both a knitter and a mom. I’m comfortable enough with knitting now that the projects I choose are to challenge myself, but sometimes its the basic ability to provide warmth and function in my handknits that makes me so happy that I learned how to knit.

Aidan’s Mittens
Pattern: My own
Yarn: Cascade 220 Wool
Needles: US 5 circular

Notes: These are super simple mittens, but if anyone is interested here is the pattern. They are meant to fit an 8-10 year old.
1. Cast on 32 stitches.
2. Work in 1×1 rib for 2 inches.
3. Work in st stitch for 1 inch.
4. Work thumb gusset until there are 11 stitches between markers. Place thumb stitches on scrap yarn.
5. Work body of mitten for 2 inches.
6. Work decreases until 6 stitches remain. Pull yarn through remaining stitches and weave in end.
7. Pick up stitches on thumb, adding an extra stitch at each side of thumb gap, and twisting the stitches before after knitting.
8. Work for 1.5 inches, then decrease until 6 stitches remain. Pull yarn through remaining stitches and weave in end.
9. Weave in tail from cast on.
10. Make a crochet chain to attach mittens together to string through coat.


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February 23, 2009 at 12:46 am

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    Made with <3 « Snowviolet

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