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So I had a knit moment today.

It was unexpected and a very strange place to have a knit moment.

We went to the indoor waterpark today to celebrate our oldest son’s birthday. He’s turning 8 tomorrow and he loves to run around in the community center pool. It has a sort of water playground area for younger children where they can run around and splash without having to actually swim.

So I’m sitting on the sidelines with the baby (who by the way loved splashing like a little otter in the pool) and I notice a woman walking around taking pictures of her kid’s birthday party. She’s not in a swimsuit, but is instead wearing warm winter clothes despite the very warm and moist environment of the room. As she comes closer, the sweater she is wearing catches my eye. It has a beautiful range of colors in large blocks of stripes, and has intarsia snowflakes at the bottom, and intarsia pine trees at the yoke. All in all, the sweater is made out of AWESOME.

I discreetly squint at her from across the room, trying to work out how the little pine trees are knit and placed. It was so humid in the room I couldn’t wear my glasses without them fogging up. Finally, I squelch my shyness, grab the camera, and walk up to ask her if I can take a picture of her sweater. I could tell she was very wierded out as I gushed over the beauty of her sweater, but she did allow me to take a few pictures. Evidently she got it at Christopher Banks. It felt strangely liberating to just do it and not regret letting the moment pass by later.

I loved the pine tree technique and absolutely must design a baby sweater incorporating it. I’ve already decided I’m going to call it “Little Lumberjack”, and it will be made out of ADORABLE.


Written by Milwaukee Knit Chick

November 23, 2008 at 9:40 pm

Posted in Humor, Knit Philosophy

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