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Fall Colors

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Lots of fun things going on lately. Every autumn we have a tradition where we go and take family pictures when the fall colors are at their peak. I got the opportunity to take some pictures with our new camera and I am really happy with the quality of photos.

It was difficult to get good pictures what with the lack of cloud cover, and my very pale children and husband practically glowing in the sun…

Ok, so I’m not exactly tan myself. Anywho, even my husband volunteered to take a few pictures, which is unheard of. Its the reason I’m in hardly any of our family pictures from the past ten years. BUT, this year I set up the auto-timer and tripod and…..voila, family portrait! Sure, the lighting and shadows could be better, but for a first-time effort I’m happy.

Next time, current knit-projects and a copycat design for the mittens that Bella wears in Twilight! What a fangirl I am…Bella Swan Mittens? Kinda wierd when you start seeing the handknits in movies and just HAVE to have them.


Written by Milwaukee Knit Chick

November 15, 2008 at 11:08 pm

Posted in Family, Minnesota

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