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Fall FOs

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It’s finally my favorite season! Going back to work has been really difficult, and it’s already been a month. It feels like I’m burning the candle at both ends, but what can you do really? Hopefully we can fall into some sort of routine soon so that we aren’t all so exhausted.

I finished the RNC socks for Aidan, and RNC booties for Jamie a while back and never got around to posting about it. I took some pictures with our crappy camera today, and wanted to throw the damn thing off of the balcony. Come payday I’m buying a Canon PowerShot A590 IS. I originally had wanted to save up for a DSLR, but with the economy the way it is, and how we’re struggling just to pay for necessities like groceries and gas, I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon. They’re only little once, so I want to actually get a few pictures that are in focus before he’s a toddler!

RNC Booties
Plymouth Yarns Happy Feet
Needles: US 1 circular

Notes: Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a picture of a baby’s feet that doesn’t blur? This pattern is great as long as you catch the errors posted below. Supposedly they are guaranteed to stay on, but Jameson inevitably kicked his off. I did put a pair of socks on under them one day, and they stayed on pretty well though.

This yarn is a joy to work with, and the colors are very vivid even in the dark colorway. I haven’t used a lot of sock yarn, so I don’t know if this its normal for it to fuzz and pill up so much. I shaved the pills off before taking these pictures, and he’s only worn them a few times. The way the colors alternate so frequently is gorgeous though, and almost worth it. And isn’t the baby quilt my MIL made awesome?

RNC Socks
Yarn: Plymouth Yarns Happy Feet
Needles: US 1 circular

Notes: I love this pattern! So easy to follow, so well written! These were my first cuff-down socks, and I liked the logic of the heel better than toe-up. It just seems to go faster. I did knit the second sock in a bit tighter gauge, but I figure they’re going to stretch out and be washed anyways. Plus, Aidan is 7 years old. It’ll be a miracle if he can wear them longer than a few months before outgrowing them.

I’m currently working on a pumpkin hat and sweater for Jameson in time for our yearly Fall family trip. I’m using Cascade 220 for the first time, and I love it! I can see why it’s so popular with the lovely stitch definition and lack of pilling. I searched all over for a cute pumpkin-themed sweater, but there aren’t really any. I’m thinking  of designing something with fair-isle vines when I have some time, but right now I just want to finish the sweater before next Friday. This is what I have so far, and I really like the way the sweater is designed so that you don’t have to seam the back and fronts sides.

Pumpkin Sweater (aka Garter Ridge Baby Cardigan)
Yarn: Cascade 220 Orange
Needles: US 5 circular


Written by Milwaukee Knit Chick

October 10, 2008 at 11:45 pm

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