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Finally Finished!

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What a rough week this has been. Aside from work and pregnancy-related discomfort and pains, we’ve had a real challenge in our family. (Non-knitting related decompression at the bottom. I don’t want to unnecessarily depress anyone. Enjoy the pictures below if you’d prefer!)

….Just needed to decompress a bit from the stress. Thankfully knitting has been the perfect outlet for the stress. I may have had to add some inches to the nursery floor pillow, but it was very zen finishing such a simple pattern. Voila!

Pattern: Cabled Floor Pillow from Knit Simple Magazine Winter 06/07
Needles: Size 8 Addis Circular
Yarn: James C. Brett Marble Chunky (3.75 skeins)
Knit Time: Roughly a month and a half, but I didn’t work on it every day

Notes: This was a very easy project but since it is very large (24 in x 24 in) it is very time consuming. I changed the pattern so that I could knit in the round without seaming two of the sides and it worked great. It would have taken forever otherwise! The yarn is acrylic since it’s going to sit on the floor where it will probably be drooled on, flopped on, and tossed around. There is a serious error in the cable pattern that is pretty obvious. I must be the only person in the entire country that has actually knitted this project as there are no comparisons on Ravelry, so I’m not surprised that it never hit the KnitSimple website errata. I even managed to finish the seams with a tutorial from here, so it is barely noticable! Seaming it a lot simpler when you know what the hell you are doing have a good technique to use.

I freely admit to being an awful photographer, but I did try. I even got the colors pretty accurate at sunset by braving the freezing cold balmy Minnesota spring evening on our deck.

I finished up the pillow on the weekend, and then turned around and completed another long-standing WIP. So much productivity out of stress! I’ll post the other project tomorrow probably.

The big elephant in the room is to follow.

Just to get it out of the way so it’s not a shock later on down the line, our son Aidan is autistic. He was diagnosed before he entered Kindergarten, which is relatively late for an autistic child. Let me preface this with saying that there is no such thing as “slightly” or “mildly” autistic. Anyone who says so thinking that they are being kind to the family involved is really trivializing a serious disability. Every autistic child has challenges, they just may not be as evident to the rest of the world as they are to close family and friends. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but we run into it quite a bit.

We’re really lucky because Aidan is a very affectionate and sweet-tempered child. He doesn’t have any trouble showing emotions, he speaks and communicated normally, and is very friendly. He does fine academically compared to other children. But his mannerisms and the way he processes the world around him make everything that he learns that much more difficult. The challenge is finding the best ways for him to learn and grow. His recent difficulties are all the harder to cope with since he has had so much success throughout Kindergarten and the first half of the 1st grade. He has been mainstreamed in regular classroom settings, but receiving help from specialists at the school as well. When winter came around this year he just started declining in how he handles stress and direction from his teachers.

We had to have an emergency meeting with his teachers/specialists last Friday, and decided to have the school district’s autism specialist observing him in the next couple of weeks to help us plan out next year. The teachers all really enjoy having Aidan as a student, but his disability is outpacing their services and abilities. They made it quite clear that he will probably have to attend another elementary school in the fall that has a more intensive Special Education program for autism….I’m really not sure how we’re going to break that news to him if it happens. Transitions and change are very difficult for autistic children to deal with, and he has friends that he attended preschool with through the 1st grade. To lose those special friendships and connections would really be tragic. Its all so up in the air, and I worry about how fragile he must feel in the situation. He’s definitely been picking up on the tense atmosphere.

Sometimes I just wish I could protect him from all the things in life that are so much more difficult for him, but that aren’t his fault.


Written by Milwaukee Knit Chick

April 29, 2008 at 10:50 pm

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