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The Knitting “Type”

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I sometimes get the most jaw-dropping looks from people when they learn that I knit. Anyone else run into this?

I guess I just don’t fit the knitting “type” that the general public has in mind. Even my own family is astonished that I enjoy it and other sewing, etc. I’ve always been a pretty driven person, and I shocked the hell out of my parents with feminist tendencies at a young age. I never have had any intention of being a homemaker, ie. stay-at-home mother, which astounds my mother to no end. I’m the oldest of 6 children and she didn’t work until my youngest brother was 8, despite being brilliant in school. Even now she has a degree in business management that she doesn’t really use.

Don’t get me wrong, my parents pushed us all to do well in school. I just was really motivated about it and did pretty well. When I got married and had our son, my mother would get agitated because Andy doesn’t make enough to “provide for you so that you can stay home”. When I explained that I had no desire or intention to stay at home, she was speechless, but I really don’t understand why it was such a shocker. Why push myself and work so hard at school and my career if that was the destination in mind? If that is something a person wants to do, they should absolutely go for it! Dads included! But if its not your cup of tea, why judge?

Even so, you don’t have to be a domestic god/goddess to enjoy making something with your hands. It’s an art just like anything else, and the satisfaction of saying “I made that” is a simple enough joy for a toddler to understand as they paste macaroni to paper.

I work in the corporate world, where bringing your knitting on breaks gets you some really strange looks. Don’t even get me started on how alpaca clings to a business suit. Even so…I get a steady stream of people who come up to me and compliment the item I’m working on, usually out of curiousity. A few of my fellow closet-knitters in the building and I have taken field trips to the LYS on lunch, and there’s talk of creating a twice-a-month knitting group. It’s like knitting in public is some sort of forbidden fruit that they get giddy about.

So it may be a little unexpected that I am the knitter in the family, and my stay-at-home mother has never picked up needles, but that’s what makes life interesting.

In other knitting news, my stash-buster purse is completed. I should try new things more often, it was fun!

Cabled Handbag

Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca 1 skein heather pink, 1 skein plum
Needles: Size 8 Addis
Time: 1 week! New record!
Notes: There isn’t a real pattern listed for this purse, per se. Just a generalization of what you can try. I went ahead and did the cables in 2s and 4s since the double-strand was so bulky. If I make this again, I won’t try and felt the Alpaca. It doesn’t really lose it’s stitch definition very well, and it smells like wet dog when its washed. I’m totally Febreezing this before I gift it to my friend.

I’ve never constructed a bag where yarn is involved, so it was quite interesting, and learn-as-you-go. First, I ironed out the cotton liner I picked up for a couple bucks at store and creased it with steam. Next, I pinned it to the inside of the purse.

Then I sewed the raw edges around the liner with my sewing machine, and made some reinforced creases at the center for shaping. I had planned to just machine sew the lining on, but it looked awful. I ended up ripping out the stitches and hand sewing the lining to the yarn so the thread wouldn’t show. It was time consuming, but invisible from the outside.

Then I took the last bit of yarn I had and seamed the sides and shaped the corners of the bag so it was more rounded. I stuffed it was some plastic grocery bags, and it holds a nice amount for its size.

Still working on my socks, but I also bought a pillow for the cover that I knitted for the nursery last month. It’s supposed to be a floor pillow, so it’s pretty big. I think I’ll try and seam it up tomorrow. Pictures to follow!


Written by Milwaukee Knit Chick

April 17, 2008 at 4:12 am

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